Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just Call Me Elly May Clampett

I drove into the big city today. I swear, all I needed was a jalopy and a rockin' chair. I was armed with coupons from Michaels, Joanns and Hobby Lobby oh and I had money too! I sold this ugly old ring that was my Grandma's - not the good grandma that I loved, the other one, so there was no sentimental attachment. Anyway, I took it to this jewelry store that bought gold and sold it. Let me just say this.... gold is really really high right now know what I mean? I may live down south, out in the country, but I know that it is $1,700 per ounce right now.

So I get in the big, no make that HUGE Michaels and Wowwee! There was so much stuff! I really felt so out of it. There were products I'd never seen before and some I had no idea how to use. The variety was mind-blowing. I kept my mind on what I wanted though, got a couple things but saved the rest of my money for online shopping. I didn't fall for just any ole' thing they had, no huh uh... I want Edgeabilities and Heartfelt Creations dies.  Because of online friends, I know exactly what I want for that new Big Kicks!

I did get some magnetic vent covers and colored folders to make a storage system for my dies and embossing folders. (Their Target had a grocery department by the way.) While cleaning the other day I re-discovered this gorgeous box I had forgotten completely about. It's one of those sturdy fabric covered boxes from TJ Maxx. I bought it last summer on sale for about $7.00. It contained all the research and notes for a book I thought about writing. Out came the notes, and in came folders, dies and embossing folders. I'm in the process of cutting down the file folders to fit inside. Each embossing folder and die will have it's own file, with room to keep some already cut out pieces, and sandwich directions as well. The magnetic vent covers will hold the Nestibilities in their folders.

I've seen pictures of how other people store theirs on large sheets of magnetic material hanging on the sides of desks, cabinets or walls. I think I'd rather have mine covered, to keep the dust out. Besides I want all the dies and embossing folders in one place. Some people collect nestibilities, but the Scottish half of me is too practical for that. The Irish half of me LOVES to shop, you know live for the moment, and carefree. What a combination. My husband says living with me is NEVER boring. Poor man.

Ya know I bet my husband is very glad we don't live closer to that BIG city!

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