Saturday, January 14, 2012

Messy Messy Messy!

You know, a while back I posted on a forum about my art/craft space being neat...

This is NOT neat! I mean look at the tiny little space where I'm actually working. The rest of the desk is covered with stuff.  And  you should see the futon on the other side of the room! On one end of the futon are the Ireland scrapbooks that I finally finished, in the middle there's a pile of stamps I want to sell but am too afraid to use PayPal, and current projects take up the other end. Geesh! Oh, so why am I afraid to use PayPal?  No matter how many people tell me they've had no problems, I am NOT going to give anyone any bank account numbers - identify theft is too much of a pain in the neck. So this pile of stamps has been sitting there for over a month.  It's crossed my mind to post it on a forum and ask for money orders only, but I don't think anyone would be interested.  Then I think I could trade, but that would be a hassle. I could just keep them, but I need more space and these are images I just don't use. So they just sit there, waiting for me to do something with them!  This is sooo not like me.  I'm not usually so indecisive. Actually I'm almost never this indecisive!  I think this early retirement thing has just messed up my mind! lol   I'm not even supposed to be on early retirement. I'm supposed to be using this Masters Degree to get some ridiculously high paying job that I love. I did have a job with a Government funded agency.  I took early retirement, the federal grant funds dried up and no job. (Stupid economy) I've had offers, but relocate out west or to DC for a job?  What exactly would I do with my husband and our home? Everyone said, "oh get your masters in some technology field, there are tons of jobs out there for the computer savvy". Stupid economy tanks just when I get the degree! And WHY is there a train on my desk?

Are you neat or messy in your art/craft space?  Or, like me, do you think you are neat and really aren't?


  1. Carole, you definitely need to get into Pay Pal, I have been using it for about 12 years and only had one issue that was resolved almost immediately, I do all my shopping on line otherwise I wouldn't have anything. much rather give the details to pay pal than put my credit card through a checking out site.give it a try. I have sold tons of craft stuff on e-bay.

  2. Hi Carole,

    I only use PayPal when I buy my crafting goodies online as PayPal do not share your bank a/c details with the other party which is why it is so much better than typing your credit card numbers into your computer to pay for something. I like that PayPal has buyer protection if there is a problem like your goods never arrive. That happened to my DH when he bought something on EBay but it never arrived and repeated emails to the Seller were ignored so he raised a claim with PayPal and his $150 was returned to his PayPal a/c very quickly. If he had paid with a credit card at an online store, he would have lost the money. For the very few occasions I have needed to contact PayPal, my phone calls were answered promptly and it was good to actually speak to a person (rather than some automated service) and my queries were attended to immediately. I have bought many things on EBay and at online stores both here in Australia and in the UK and USA - but only with PayPal never with my credit card. Check out the PayPal website to see how it works and the way they protect buyers and sellers. I think people are unlikely to want to pay for things with a Money Order unless they are very familiar with the Seller or know that they have a good reputation. You could set up a bank a/c specifically for your craft things so that people can do a direct deposit to pay for items - but then you may not feel comfortable with that. Hope this helps :-)

    Re my craft space: I start off neat after a tidy up but all too soon I end up being in a mess because I pull out papers, ribbons etc. to match my projects as I often have 4 or 5 projects on the go at the same time. My desk often ends up with a smaller and smaller space to work on and then I start losing things like my ruler or pencil - then I get VERY grumpy and have to clean up. I don't really know HOW to be a neat cardmaker. I try and clean up as I go but somehow it all ends up like a dog's breakfast. Hey, I think that train is my husband's - he is always leaving stuff everywhere too.....


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