Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Small Calendar

Even though I needed a small calendar for my desk, I wanted a little bit of space to write in. I couldn't find the size and shape I wanted, so I made my own in Microsoft Word using a table.

The calendar is put together, the images are all stamped and I'm working on coloring each month's image with Prisma Colored pencils.Yeah, I know the year has already begun, but it's for myself and that's okay. That's the nice thing about early retirement, no schedule to speak of, no commitments:)  Below is what I have colored so far. The scans are slightly blury because the coil doesn't allow for the calendar to lay flat on the scanner bed. My old scanner/printer was never bothered by this. However this new Canon is very picky. It's a good thing she prints such awesome quality photos or I might have just traded her in! You did notice that I referred to my technology as 'her" right?  That's because a male piece of technology wouldn't not have the advanced capabilities.  I think of typewriters as being male and computers are female. :)

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