Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shoes with Tailfins Vrrooomm

Prada's new spring line includes a group inspired by 1950's automobiles, called “Greased Lightning.”

Gee, my idea of fashion footwear is Keen, SAS or Birkenstock. Why on earth would I buy a pair of comfortable shoes for around $100 when for a mere $1,400 I could have 4 and a half inch heels that look like a car. I mean seriously, what WAS I thinking?
You can buy them at Bergdorf's
I wonder if DH would be turned on at the sight of me wearing rocket boosters on my shoes? Then there would be the sight of the price tag which would quite literally send him into congestive heart failure. Or the sight of me tumbling to my death from 4 and a half inches.

Seriously, how does one walk in 4 ½ inch heels? It must change your gait and your posture. I bet the air is different up there, you could get nosebleeds, or altitude sickness. Prada could make even more money selling insurance policies to wear these shoes.

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