Saturday, January 9, 2021

Ten Ways to Use Gilded Leafing

 Gilded Leafing needs an adhesive to make it stick. My favorites are VersaMark and Heat & Stick Powder, although Mono All Purpose Glue works too. Below are 10 ways to use and apply this beautiful gold embellishment. Here is a printable format.


  • Make sure your fingers are dry

  • Don't have any open ink pads nearby

  • You may want to put it in a larger container as it expands once you open it.

  • Experiment on scrap paper when first using Heat & Stick Powder if you overheat, it will not be sticky. Just a few seconds until powder disappears.

  • You need a tool to get excess leafing off, like an old paint brush or a stencil brush.

  • Brush excess leafing back into container

Stamp: stamp an image, apply Heat & Stick Powder like you would embossing powder. Use a heat tool to activate the powder. Be careful not to overheat or it will not be sticky. Just a few seconds until powder disappears. If you'd like leafing on just a part of an image, you can sponge VersaMark on just a portion of the stamp.   

Tear & Tape: apply tape to cardstock, remove backing and apply gilded leafing, brush off excess.

Die Cut: apply adhesive sheets to BOTH sides of cardstock, Remove the backing from the top/right side of the die. Apply leafing, brush away excess with a paint brush. When ready to put on a project, remove the backing from the wrong/back side of die and stick it on.

Multipurpose Liquid Glue: Apply glue where you'd like, allow to dry and because it stays tacky, you can then apply gilded leafing over top and brush it off.

Glue Dots: Apply glue dots to your cardstock and rub leafing over top. After brushing it off you have round flecks of gold on your project.

Punches and Adhesive Sheet: Apply adhesive sheet to cardstock, punch out design, then rub leafing over top, brush off to turn a punched image into a gilded work of art!

Foam Adhesive Sheets & Die Cuts: For a 3D look, die cut words or images from our foam adhesive sheets. Apply leafing for a gilded 3D effect on your card.

Decorative Masks: Use our Basic Pattern Decorative Masks to create a bit of texture on your background. Simply place the mask on your cardstock and sponge VersaMark ink over the top in the area desired. Sprinkle Heat & Stick powder, use heat tool to activate the adhesive. Rub the leafing and brush off the extra.

Ribbon Application: You can gild more that just cardstock and paper. Apply a small bit of multipurpose glue to ribbon to create a touch of gold.

Embellishment & Other 3D Objects Application: You can add leafing to embellishments such as the In Good Taste wood accents! You can use multipurpose glue on many surfaces, let dry then rub on leafing. Try Picture frames, charms, buttons etc. It can be applied to almost anything and leaves a beautiful gold finish behind.

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