Friday, September 2, 2011

Up early and workin' away!

More peach pies in the oven... can you smell them?  Wish I could share a piece with you all!  I even made the crust from scratch just like Mom taught me.  Every time I made one I can her voice in my head giving me her patient directions.  Before she died she was giving me regular pie baking lessons.  She was determined not to leave this earth until she passed on her skill to me.  I miss her each  and every day.  I think of her so often.  My husband says I had Ozzie and Harriet for parents.  I really did!  I was only 28 when Daddy died and Mom a few years later. I am so very lucky to have had them for as long as I did.

Oh!  I found the image I'd like to do for Christmas cards this year. It's of horses and I can just see it with some sleigh bells done in watercolors on the side or at the bottom. Maybe draw in some holly or a wreath.  I can just hear my friend Karey saying, "why not just draw and paint your own?"  Hmm now that's a thought.  See Karey, I can have conversations with you in my head while you are at work and I'm NOT! lol Sorry honey, I do sympathize with you as you try to teach children who's parents don't make them behave and get angry with you when you try to.

I found the best new (to me) art stamp companies. Rubber Necker, Impression Obsession, and Janilyn.
The two pieces below were finished last night.  I'm pretty pleased with Prismacolor technique on them, although I wanted the lilly a bit more yellow. I think I kinda got carried away with the shading.

Hey, wait a minute, draw my own horses? I can not draw like that, there are muscle shadings and you can see the personality of the horses on their faces. And then there is the fact that I can not draw unless I have a picture to draw from and then there is the whole copyright issue.  Noooo I will just buy the art stamp:)  I must support the economy by keeping these companies in business:)