Sunday, September 4, 2011

Asian Art

I'm currently working on an oriental theme.  I just ordered some Japanese paper from Stone House. Their Yuzen Chiyogami papers are so beautiful, they make my mouth water!  I can't wait to get my hands on them:)  I'll use them as accents and backgrounds on cards, origami and Hina Sama Ningyo.  What's that you say?  It's the name for Japanese paper dolls, Ningyo means “human shape.”  A few years ago when I was teaching gifted and talented, I got a new student from Japan.  Her family was here temporarily as her Dad was an executive at a local company. This adorable ten-year-old taught me how to make them.  I was preparing a magazine submission on an oriental theme at the time and she was flattered that I was so interested in her culture.  She spoke fluent English, was absolutely brilliant, and utterly charming.  I've rarely met a more self-effacing child.  I’d bring art stamps to school, and after class she’d tell me what the characters meant and which way was ‘right-side-up.’  The book containing the dolls (Hina Sama Ningyo) is pictured below.
The dolls inside the book. 

This paper is from Stone House too, and it folds like a dream. Which is good cause that origami kimono is a tiny little thing!
Asian box with African beads and embellishments inside.  Who says I'm not multicultural?  lol

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