Friday, September 9, 2011

I went to an arts and craft fair today with a girlfriend and had the best day.  The weather was wonderful, only in the 80's ahhh sweet relief from the upper 90's.  Aren't girlfriends wonderful?  If one of you wants to look at something the other one does too.  If one of you is hungry, you both eat - or not - it's no big deal!  Where to park?  Anywhere's fine. Plus it's just nice to spend time with someone who isn't talking about cars, or hunting or fishing, or football.  Just girl stuff:)  Oh, did I buy anything?  Nope, not a thing, except lunch.  We just enjoyed looking and talking and seeing people we knew.
Last night's project: A friend sent me the cards for me to finish. She did the paper braiding, and I added the tangram and the Geisha.  It's a collaborative work.  Thanks Sandra!
I made this when I got home today.  Inside are black and white sketches of some of my favorite layouts.
Yesterday's project. The layout is from Oriental Stamp Art's Layout Challenge.