Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Inks, Marbling, and Stone

Yesterday I continued working with Tria alcohol inks, dye inks and found my stash of marbled paper. This is what I made with the results.  This is the real method using carageenan, not shaving creme. I used the last of my marbled paper, now I want to make some more!
The paper on the right is some of my hand-marbled paper.  I like the traditional design where you comb through first in one direction and then the other.

The geisha is on polished stone, and the metallic paper is from one of my shopping trips to Atlanta art supply stores.
This geisha is in a window of polished stone. The technique is explained in my last post.
The patterned paper was made with dye inks.
The papers were made with dye inks. I put rock salt on the lighter one while the inks were wet.
The fan image is sitting in a window of alcohol inks. The other is more of my hand-marbled paper.  I love these colors:)